You can now play Pyramid Head in Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R doesn’t enjoy the best reputation among Switch launch games, namely because the online play was so laggy at launch, coupled with Konami charging way too much for the type of game it is. It sold pretty well in Japan thanks to Bomberman being something of an institution there, but it’s enjoyed much less success here in the States.

Konami has issued a free update for Super Bomberman R that brings a handful of new stages and characters from other Konami franchises to the table. New on the list is the Pyramid Head Bomber from Silent Hill, Simon Belmont Bomber from Castlevania, and Vic Viper Bomber from the Gradius series. Each of these special characters functions differently.

Also introduced with this new patch are four new maps: Desert Fort, Panic Factory, Plain Floor and Conveyor Belt.

The game was recently patched to increase performance and achieve 60fps, too.

Super Bomberman R – $46.99