Steamworld Heist set for release this fall starting with Nintendo 3DS


Steamworld Heist is the next game in the Steamworld series from indie developer Image & Form. The game is coming to both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, but thanks to a recent interview we’ve learned that the team plans on focusing on the Nintendo 3DS version first and then staggering releases for other platforms afterward. This is how the original release for Steamworld Dig was handled and it seemed to work well for the small Swedish developer.

All right, so it’s coming out this fall. We don’t have a specific date yet so we don’t speculate. But it’s starting on the 3DS and after that it’s coming to all other platforms in a staggered release schedule.

The only downside of that is the Wii U was lower in priority for the company than PlayStation platforms, so Steamworld Dig debuted on Nintendo 3DS last year before moving over to PS Vita and PlayStation 4 and finally releasing on Wii U. If Image & Form follows the same pattern, fans who want to play on the Wii U could end up waiting a few months for the game to release.