Steamworld Dig/Heist on Switch “definitely not impossible”

I don’t know about you, but Steamworld Dig 2 is one of my most hyped game releases for Nintendo Switch in the near future. The game is slated to release sometime this year and the original on Nintendo 3DS was one of my favorite handheld games. With the new Metroidvania approach to level design, it’s looking like Steamworld Dig 2 is shaping up to be highly interesting.

While the team at Image & Form are hard at work on Steamworld Dig 2, they’ve not stopped getting questions about whether or not the first two games will eventually appear on Switch.

So there you have it folks, it’s definitely not impossible. They’re working on finishing their current project and perhaps we’ll see the others on Switch eventually. Perhaps even as a physical release, one can hope. Would you buy these games again on Switch? Let us know in the comments.

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