Square Enix releases trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

We’ve known for some time that Square Enix have planned on bringing the Deus Ex: Human Revolution experience to the Wii U, but the company finally released a trailer for the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut today. The trailer also shows that all previously released DLC will be included for Wii U owners, including the popular Missing Link, integrated seamlessly into the game. Additionally, all pre-order and bonus weapons will be at Adam Jensen’s disposal from the get-go.

Uses of the GamePad in the game include:

  • Hacking – use the speed and precision of your fingers to hack on the GamePad while the world remains visible on your primary screen.
  • The “sniper scope” feature allows any weapon with a scope to use both the GamePad and primary screen for a two-step, precision sniping.
  • The Toolkits (previously in-game menus) are now all easily displayed and accessible on the GamePad.
  • The Radar is now featured on the touch screen and is a hybrid of the original radar and the 2D Map. Opening the 2D Map Toolkit allows players to draw hints, paths and notes that will remain on the radar.
  • The Quick Inventory is now displayed on the GamePad touch screen, leaving the primary screen clear.
  • Looting shows detailed descriptions about the items and doesn’t require players to access extra menus to see the content.

Square Enix also commented that the content updates seen in this Director’s Cut version will not be available on other platforms, which makes the Wii U version the definitive version you’ll want to play, even if you’ve already experienced Adam Jensen’s story.

[via Square Enix Blog]