Splatoon now has a dedicated Tumblr page


Ever since the big reveal at E3, Nintendo has been teasing the world with small images of Splatoon development. Originally these were being shared on a Japanese Twitter account, with captions that loyal fans were translating. We’ve shared a few of them on Wii U Daily, but communicating new information takes a bit because of the translation time. Now, Nintendo of America has announced it set up a Tumblr dedicated to sharing information about Splatoon development.

As you can see, all of the current entries include screenshots of Splatoon development, as long as small developmental blurbs like this one that accompanies the picture above:

Breaking news! We’re hearing multiple reports that the mysterious creatures can pass through fences, grates, and other porous surfaces when in squid form. This apparently allows them to take shortcuts and use hidden routes to complete their objectives! However, we’ve also seen evidence of this technique backfiring when one of the creatures turned into squid form accidentally while standing on a grate, causing it to fall through and land in a sticky situation. We’re not sure what marvel of anatomy allows them to perform this majestic feat, but we’re dedicating every available resource toward figuring it out.

If you’re excited about the game, this is the best place to see all the updates as the developers release them.