Check out the Japanese TV commercial for Splatoon

Did you enjoy the Global Testfire demo for Splatoon this weekend? It’s been a crazy few days, but Nintendo is ramping up the exposure for Splatoon as we get closer to the May 29 release date. The above is the Japanese TV commercial that will feature in the country to help advertise the game and I have to say, I think it does a better job of conveying the intention of the game than the generic “video game” commercial we got from the US version.

Here’s the US version for comparison:

Where as the Japanese commercial takes the concept of Splatoon and applies it to the real world, showcasing how the inking concept works, the US commercial displays rendered scenes from the game. It has less appeal to someone who may not be familiar with the game, since it’s obvious from first looking at it that it’s a game. The Japanese commercial is much more subtle and any person watching likely wants to know why this brightly colored paint is being splattered all over a city.

What do you think? Which of the commercials is your favorite?