Splatoon is getting an anime

Splatoon 2 launches next week and it will have a cool anime series tie-in. And it’s been in development for a while, because the anime will launch next month.

Japanese anime/manga magazine CoroCoro will release the series on their YouTube channel on August 12, although right now it’s a bit unclear whether it’s a one-off anime or a series with several episodes.

CoroCoro has already released a Splatoon manga series in Japan, so it isn’t that surprising that they are taking the next step and creating an anime version.

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Splatoon 2 launches on July 21 (later this week!) exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. On the same day, Nintendo will also release the official Switch smartphone companion app, and we’ll get the first voice-chat Splatoon headsets too.

And if you get the retail version of Splatoon 2, it comes with a cool reversible cover.