Splatoon 4 vs. 4 multiplayer demo at Nintendo’s E3 booth [VIDEO]

During Nintendo’s E3 digital event, the Kyoto company announced a new focus on competitive gaming with the debut of Splatoon, a four vs four team shooter with a unique concept. Players can assume the role of humans or squids, with each having different abilities according to the form they take. While being human, players can spatter around as much ink as possible in order to travel quickly as a squid through their ink and ambush players.

Squids are bogged down in the opposite team’s ink, so the team that controls the most territory by inking up the map is able to help their team to victory. Victory conditions are determined not by who has the most kills, but by the team that is able to cover the most territory before the round ends.

In this video you can check out the warm up phase, where the demo introduces us to the controls for inking, as well as switching between squid and human form. From there, you can see the blue team inking up the place and even some obstacles that require you to ink past them and turn into squid form in order to sail underneath them. While there was only one map playable at Nintendo’s booth, the game is solid fun for a multiplayer competitive experience.