New details on Splatoon 2’s ranked modes emerge

After giving us a look at the new single-player mode in Splatoon 2 a few weeks ago, the official Splatoon blog is now sharing some more details about how Ranked Battle modes will work in the game. There are several different modes and this time we get to learn about Splat Zones, Tower Control Mode, and Rainmaker.

Splat Zones

FPS fans will recognize this mode as the game’s capture point mode, where players have to compete for control of the splat zones. This mode was featured in the original Splatoon, but there have been a few changes to how it works in Splatoon 2. The blog says the zone coverage status in the new UI provides more real-time updates on which team currently holds the splat zones.

Tower Control

Tower Control sounds like the Payload maps from TF2, where you push an item along an objective course while defending it from the other team. The official blog says the tower moves along a set path and passes several checkpoints along each path, stopping for a bit before moving on. Once checkpoints are cleared, the tower no longer stops there if it is pushed back.


This is Splatoon 2’s version of Capture the Flag, only the flag is a powerful weapon that’s laying in the center of the stage. Whichever team makes it back to their pedestal with the weapon wins the game. The Rainmaker itself is special, as if you charge it up all the way, its shots will explode on the target.

So it looks like we’ll have control points, payload, and capture the flag maps for the first round of content in Splatoon 2. No telling what Nintendo will cook up for DLC, as there are other game modes the company can borrow from TF2, too.

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