Sony Exec: “The industry is stronger when Nintendo is strong”

While the fierce rivalry between console fans is well-known on the internet, it’s always nice to see company execs complimenting their rivals on their successes. Phil Spencer has been a very vocal supporter of Nintendo with both the Wii U and the Switch, while Sony boss Kaz Hirai shared pictures of his Wii U.

Of course, Kaz Hirai isn’t the only person at Sony who thinks the success of Nintendo is important to the industry. In a new interview with GameReactor Jim Ryan, Sony’s head of Global Sales, shared his sentiment that the gaming industry is stronger when Nintendo is strong.

Jim Ryan: I think in many ways this increased presence in the space is a good thing; it creates conversation, it creates excitement, and certainly having a rejuvenated and energetic Nintendo back, I think it’s a great thing for the industry, because I think the industry is better and stronger when Nintendo is strong.

Ryan isn’t wrong here, since many gamers feel like Nintendo had the best showing at E3 this year with tons of game reveals, while Microsoft focused on a 4K console with only a handful of exclusives to play. Reggie himself has stated that their competitors like to focus on the power of consoles, while Nintendo focuses on the fun. That’s not such a bad sentiment to have, especially when you consider that most gamers who own two consoles will either opt for a PS4 and Switch or an Xbox One and Switch.

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