Sonic Mania’s soundtrack is an awesome throwback to classic Sonic

Everything we’ve seen from Sonic Mania so far seems to suggest that it is a classic return to the days when Sonic was good, between the release of Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles. All the gameplay trailers we’ve seen showcase the classic Blue Blur gameplay that made us love him in the early 90s, but what really hasn’t been showcased is how amazing the soundtrack complements that era of music well.

Sonic Mania releases on August 15th and to get fans hyped about the upcoming game, the Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel has released a full song from the Sonic Mania original soundtrack. You can check it out below.

I’m getting a bit of a Casino Night vibe from this track, how about you? What’s your favorite classic Sonic tune?

Sonic Mania – $19.99