Sonic Boom before and after comparison of patch [VIDEO]

Last week, Sonic Boom: The Rise of Lyric got a huge update in the Wii U eShop to the tune of 1GB. Despite the super large patch, Sega and Big Red Button never released any information about what the patch supposedly fixed in the game, so it was left to fans to try and figure out what was gone over. Aside from the obvious Knuckles glitch being fixed, it looks like the team decided to polish the lighting in a cutscene in the game as well.

The weird part here is the person who made this video showing the changes says this is the only cutscene in the game that got the same lighting fixes. What do you think, are the before or after shots better? Since Sega hasn’t provided any official patchnotes for the game, here is everything the community has noted being fixed or tinkered with.

Bug Fixes

  • Knuckles Infinite Jump fixed
  • Some level barriers added to prevent the player from escaping the map. Leaping from the map into oblivion was a source of ridicule for the game when it was released.

New additions

  • Navigation arrows “Small yellow arrows added which show you where to go” (They were in the original, but they now have some issues).


  • Improved Framerate during speed sections
  • Loops are ‘less choppy’
  • Minor lighting improvements
  • Improved shadows

Current Issues

  • The navigation arrows tell you where to go, but you can still miss vital items which you need for when you get to the location. So you can follow the arrows and still become stuck not knowing what to do.

It looks like this fix would fall under the “minor lighting improvements”, but it’s interesting that Big Red Button only seems to have tinkered with one cutscene out of many for the game.