Someone 3D-printed the Legend of Zelda map

While the 3D printing hype has died out somewhat, the technology is still cool. Just look at this 3D-printed world from the original Legend of Zelda.

And it’s quite a feat: It took 24 hours of continuous printing to get it done, then many more hours to hand-paint the entire thing.

Not only that, the original creator first spent six months creating the entire map in Minecraft, which served as a template for the 3D models.

The original creator is unknown so far, but the 3D-printed creation was successfully sold on the Facebook group “Trade Sell Collect Retro & New Video Games & Toys”. Price is unknown, but there are rumors that it was sold for just $100.

Suffice to say, a hundred bucks sounds like a steal for this creation.

Someone 3D-printed the Legend of Zelda map