So why did Apple do such a stupid thing?

It must be the pr departments worst nightmare: the whole web abuzz with negative stories about Evil Apple and Even More Evil ATT (depending on whether the writer owns an Iphone) after Apple tossed the Google voice apps from its App Store and blamed ATT and the app itsself, or “duplication of features”. Both these points were soon proved bullshit by hundreds of angry bloggers.

ATT didn´t get Blackberry to yank the Google Voice app from their store, so is Blackberry less of a sissy than Apple? Would Apple really bow down so low for ATT? WHY?
And why would anyone take such an impopular measure if there wasn´t a bigger picture? Where is this all going in the end? Well, I guess, sometime in the future, we will all be phoning and texting for free. The VOIP movement is hard to contain, no matter how many apps Apple yanks from its stores.  So where will the revenuesof that free phoning future come from? Advertising! Now let me think, who of these three is big in advertising? A) Apple, B) ATT or C) Google?

Yep. That´s what I´d say. So maybe the bigger pic is that somehow Apple wants to get in on future ad revenues for when we all stop paying to call our moms and the vet? Maybe they´ll even launch their own Google Voice clone? Soonish?