New update for Snake Pass now available, fixes rumble issues

Snake Pass is now available to download, but as we reported earlier this week, the early version of the game that was available to those with preview access seemed to have a slight problem with HD Rumble. We reported the problem a few days ago with a video showcasing how loud the rumble is, but thankfully Sumo Digital acknowledged the issue and confirmed a patch.

That patch is now live today and it fixes a few things including the HD Rumble issue and adds some anti-aliasing while playing in handheld mode. That should provide some clearer visuals for those of you who prefer to play the game in handheld mode.

I just booted it up to install the update and slithered around a few levels and I think the anti-aliasing patch is very noticeable. While I didn’t experience the HD rumble issue personally while playing, good to know that it’s fixed, too.

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