Nintendo apologizes for banning players using Peach in Super Smash Bros


Folks over in Japan have been enjoying the living heck out of Super Smash Bros, but a fraction of the userbase may have been met with an unfair ban hammer that keeps them from playing. In case you haven’t heard, players using Peach in the game’s For Glory online mode have been getting banned as the game mode is not supposed to allow items. Peach’s character is able to spawn a lethal item at the beginning of the game, though, which Nintendo wrongfully assumed was the result of hackers and glitchers.

Thankfully it’s all been cleared up. Nintendo has come out to confirm that the bans were a mistake and that their automatic flagging system reporting these players as cheaters was the result of a bug. Said bug is being addressed in a software update that should go out within the week in Japan, and we’re sure they’ve worked just as fast to restore Nintendo Network access to folks who were wrongfully banned.

What Nintendo didn’t specify was whether Peach’s B + Down move (the one that can purportedly spawn a lethal weapon) is going to be fixed or if they’re going to continue to allow it. Many players have expressed that Peach has had an unfair advantage in the For Glory mode because of it. We wouldn’t be surprised if this patch addresses that specifically.

In any case, we’re glad Nintendo is readily aware of any issues that crop up and that they’re moving so fast to fix them. That should ensure that the game will have all the kinks ironed out by the time it launches outside of their stomping grounds.

[Nintendo via Kotaku]