Slightly Mad Studios releases statement about Wii U version of Project Cars


Over the weekend, Wii U fans got some pretty bad news in relation to the upcoming Wii U version of Project Cars. Developer Slightly Mad Studios confirmed they were having a hard time getting the game to run at a stable framerate on the Wii U, suggesting that tons of work would need to go into optimizing the game for the Wii U, or the development studio would need to wait until the Nintendo NX is announced in order to start working on a port for that console.

This rightly angered many Wii U fans, as Slightly Mad Studios released several statements about the game running fine on Wii U hardware during development and before release. In a new statement, the developers clarify that the Wii U was never a “confirmed” console and was more of a maybe console to be considered after the release of other versions. Here’s that statement.

By vote of the members, it changed to a boxed product PC/Xbox 360/PS3 and ‘maybe Wii U’ game. It was always ‘maybe’ as we had no knowledge of the system.

It was again changed, by vote of the members, to a PC/Xbox One/PS4 next gen game with still ‘maybe Wii U’ and Steam OS. The funding, as I said above, was closed long before this.

We still haven’t given up on Wii U 100% but if we can’t make it work we will move to the next Nintendo machine.

So the team will attempt to get something together on the Wii U that runs at a stable framerate if it’s possible, but don’t hold your breath. This seems like a case of the developer biting off more than they could chew during the crowdfunding campaign and continuing that throughout development by not being honest with those who hoped for a Wii U version.

What do you think?