Skylanders: Trap Team Announced


Today, Toys for Bob has announced its next entry in the billion dollar Skylanders franchise via a cool new trailer. This year’s installment is called Skylanders: Trap Team, and will release on October 5, 2014 for all major platforms.

As seen in the trailer, players will be able to trap enemies defeated in the game and use them as characters. This will require a new portal that contains a slot for the trap and a speaker for the characters to yell out of. Here are a few other things you should know:

  • There will be more than 40 villains in the game that are able to be trapped and played with, including Kaos himself. However, it will supposedly be a “version” of Kaos, but no one is sure what this means.
  • In typical Skylanders fashion, new characters will be a mix of classic skylanders and special characters wielding “traptanium” which are able to trap baddies.
  • There will be multiple styles of “trap crystals”, which are used to capture enemies, spanning the eight elements in the game. There is no word on the exact number.
  • Per the norm, all previous skylanders will work in the new game, and no new skylanders will travel backwards

There are still some unanswered questions, like how many players the game will support, if it has online play, and if you need a separate trap crystal for every single enemy you face. With the information we have, are you placing your preorder, or are you waiting until the date comes a bit closer to start the cash flow again? If you’re still on the fence, maybe the images below will help you make up your mind!


[pictures and some info via Kotaku. Thanks!]