Silver & Gold Mario amiibos on their way.. Club Nintendo related?


It looks like even more collectible amiibos are on the way courtesy of Nintendo. This time, the big N is releasing the standard Mario amiibo, but in silver and gold finishes. The images were first turned up on NeoGAF and appear to be a sort of safety certificate for children’s toys certifying that the toy is meant for children, as well as where it was produced and its safety standards.

While no retail information about these has been hinted at, could the final Club Nintendo Gold and Platinum rewards be these amiibo? It would make sense as a final parting gift for Nintendo’s long lauded loyalty club. Even if we’re supposed to have a replacement program to take its place, it will likely not match some of the items that were handed out to Club Nintendo platinum and gold members over the service’s history. Check out the papers below and let us know what you think.