Shakedown Hawaii devs say main character isn’t based on Donald Trump

Yesterday Shakedown Hawaii developer Brian Provinciano released a new trailer for the game to showcase what it’ll be like. The classic gameplay from Retro City Rampage will be returning, but this time you take control of a man described as a real estate mogul and a reality TV star. That sounds pretty familiar, right? Watch the trailer below.

Some people have been making comparisons to Trump with the trailer, so the developers decided to clear the air by releasing the following statement:

“I do want to make one clarification though: The protagonist’s not a parody of Trump, and was in fact conceived well before that last election even began. I understand the possible confusion since he’s described as a CEO / guy on reality TV, but that’s not the case here.

Of course, the fact that the protagonist himself isn’t based on Donald Trump shouldn’t take away the meaning behind the game. It looks like it’ll still be a pretty poignant look at our society today and how it’s dominated by get-rich-quick schemes that seem like legitimate businesses. All while causing the classic destruction and mayhem that we loved in Retro City Rampage.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. It helps that the game is head to Switch first, too.

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