Shadow of the Eternals to be released on Xbox One?

sote-5Precursor Games has hinted that their upcoming game, Shadow of the Eternals, may be heading to Xbox One.

Up until now we’ve held a general understanding that the game would be exclusive to Wii U and PC. However, in response to Xbox One’s debut, Denis Dyack, the COO of Precursor Games, had this to say:

“We are excited about the potential of X1 and look forward to speaking with Microsoft on how Shadow of the Eternals will be made available on their platform.”

Dyack is clearly hopeful that Shadow of the Eternals will be released on Xbox One as well as the aforementioned platforms.

Eternal Darkness, spiritual predecessor to Shadow of the Eternals, was a Gamecube-exclusive title, granting the console a broader range of games in its early days. Naturally, it would be nice if Wii U was the sole home console to host Shadow of the Eternals. Of course, Dyack’s words are no confirmation.

It should be noted, however, that the notion of the game coming to Xbox One may bode well for Wii U’s reputation in terms of hardware. Consumers will see that a graphics-intense title runs no differently on Wii U than on Xbox One, and their ongoing misconceptions may be dashed. Moreover, Nintendo’s own claims that the Wii U is more powerful than people claim will only be reinforced with titles released not only for Wii U, but its concurrent rivals as well.

Granted, the game needs to be developed first.