Session Buddy Helps Manage Your Workflow

Tabs can help multi-taskers complete jobs more efficiently and it’s likely that you have a specific set of tabs you like to have open when you’re performing a specific job. Opening these tabs individually as you switch from task to task can be a hassle, which is where Session Buddy comes in. It remembers sessions that you have saved and allows you to restore your tab placement at the touch of a button. An unlimited number of sessions can be saved and synced with the extension, and with automatic crash recovery built-in, you don’t have to worry about losing your session to an Aw Snap error.


  • Save session by right clicking any webpage
  • Flexible session restore allows you to restore any previous saved session
  • Generate a session from a list of URLS
  • Export sessions to text or CSV
  • Keyboard shortcuts for managing sessions

If you frequently find yourself switching gears in Chrome between several different tabs in order to perform a job, then give Session Buddy a try. It could save you valuable set up time when it comes to getting started.

You can download Session Buddy from the Chrome Webstore here.