Send with GMail by Default using this Chrome Extension

I don’t know why it infurates me so much, but there is nothing that makes me more mad than clicking on a link that then opens up Microsoft Exchange to send an E-Mail. I use G-Mail and if I wanted to actually E-Mail someone (which often I don’t when unsuspectingly clicking a mail:to link) I would want to compose the messages using GMail.

Thankfully, someone shares my frustration and created a Chrome Extension designed to solve this terrible act against humanity by automatically opening all e-mail links in GMail, essentially making it your default E-Mail application.

With over 50,000+ users and a 4.5 star rating, clearly I’m not the only one irritated by the clutches of Exchange. And so, with the Send using Gmail Chrome Extension, I’m able to exchange Exchange and get myself a Gmail default. Now you can too. Terror averted.