Send money to friends via Gmail… as an attachment! [VIDEO]

Today’s 3-hour Google IO keynote may have been full of new features and services, but that doesn’t mean Google showed everything they had under their sleeves. There is a neat feature that was also launched today. Gmail and Google Wallet have come together to allow users to send money to each other… via Gmail!

The process is crazy simple. It pretty much works like an attachment. That is right, just like attaching a document or an image. There is now an option to send money next to all the other attachment options. Simply click on it, choose the quantity and card, and you are set to go!

Currently, this feature is only available for dektop. You need to be at least 18 years old and have Google Wallet set up. After that, you can start sending money to your friends as you wish! Or you can keep it all and never use this feature.