Screen capture coming to Chromebooks


Screen capturing is currently not possible on Chrome OS, an issue that has many of us quite upset. Users have been able to (kind of) screen capture by using Hangouts On Air and screen sharing while they record, but that is not really a full solution. We need real screencast apps and they seem to be coming soon!

Google Chrome Evangelist Fran├žois Beaufort recently shared a very special bit of info with us. A Desktop Capture API was proposed and it could be what we have been praying for. The idea is that the API would allow apps and extensions to capture content from the screen and individual windows, making screen casting possible (among other things).

There are certain privacy concerns with such API in action, but Fran├žois mentions there will be a notification letting you know whenever this API is in use. We wouldn’t want people spying on our computer usage, would we?

You can read the proposal if you wish to do so. It has some interesting details (including the risks it could bring). But tell us: how many of you have been waiting for the ability to do screen recording on a Chrome OS device? I know I have.