9 Tacos Victor Wembanyama Must Try [San Antonio]

Victor Wembanyama, the newest member of the San Antonio Spurs and number one NBA draft pick, has recently relocated to Texas. Amidst the whirlwind of his new life, Wembanyama has expressed an eagerness to embrace a beloved culinary tradition of his new home city: breakfast tacos​​.

Victor, we know you’ve been hearing a lot about our breakfast tacos. You were greeted with a mural, a billboard, and a sea of fans wearing your jersey. As you thanked the fans and signed autographs, it became clear that San Antonio is ready to welcome you, not only to the Spurs but also to our vibrant food culture​​.

We invite you to join us at these 9 must-try taco spots in San Antonio, each with its unique flair and take on this classic Texan dish. These locations have been carefully chosen to represent San Antonio’s delicious spectrum of tacos. From traditional simplicity to uniquely innovative, breakfast tacos at these 9 San Antonio restaurants will blow you away.

  1. Taco Taco Cafe: Known for their large and fluffy tortillas brimming with the traditional trio of bacon, egg, and cheese. Victor, if you’re a fan of classic breakfast tacos, this place is a must-visit. Nothing powers a robust morning practice like a hearty taco.
  2. Pete’s Tako House: A staple in the San Antonio taco scene, Pete’s Tako House is lauded for its freshly made tortillas and generously flavorful fillings. This is the place where locals and basketball stars find their comfort food.
  3. Rosario’s Mexican Cafe Y Cantina: Not just a full-service restaurant, but a culinary canvas where creativity meets tradition, particularly in their breakfast tacos. With innovative ingredients like chorizo and cactus, it’s the perfect match for an athlete not afraid to take risks, on and off the court.
  4. El Milagrito Cafe: A crowd favorite, El Milagrito Cafe serves delightful breakfast tacos with a traditional touch. Their bean and cheese taco, in particular, has won hearts for its perfect balance of flavors. It might just give you that extra edge during your training sessions.
  5. Garcia’s Mexican Food: With their brisket taco, Garcia’s offers a breakfast treat for meat lovers with a hearty appetite. Given your high energy requirements as an athlete, this could be your go-to spot.
  6. Torchy’s Tacos: A gem from Austin with a dedicated fan base, Torchy’s Tacos presents an innovative take on breakfast tacos. Fillings range from fried avocado to ahi tuna, ensuring your taste buds an unforgettable journey similar to a thrilling basketball game.
  7. La Taqueria Austin Hwy: La Taqueria receives high praises for their carne asada breakfast tacos. A great option for those who like to start their day with hearty breakfast tacos.
  8. Maria’s Cafe: Maria’s Cafe, known for their generous portions and reasonable prices, offers a variety of satisfying breakfast tacos. Their large tacos are sure to keep your energy levels high during practice sessions.
  9. Rolando’s Super Tacos: For fans of super-sized tacos, Rolando’s Super Tacos is the place to be. They serve tacos the size of your face, perfect for those with a big appetite.

We can’t stop at just recommending places. We’re joining others in laying down the gauntlet to the breakfast taco luminaries of San Antonio: we need a signature “Wemby” taco with the French/Mexican fusion we’ve been waiting for. A breakfast taco in a crepe, perhaps? Or maybe a taco filled with Brie cheese or fois gras? Let’s have a friendly Wemby competition to make his favorite, shall we?

The city has celebrated your arrival, the Spurs have officially introduced you at a press conference​​, and now it’s time to eat the tacos you’ve been hearing so much about. We are thrilled to have you here and can’t wait to hear which taco becomes your favorite!