Samus amiibo misprint sells for $2,500 on eBay


We’ve known for a while now that certain Amiibo figures will be more rare than others, but a Samus amiibo misprint has taken the rarity cake. The original customer found the Samus double-cannon amiibo at Best Buy and quickly recognized it was different from the others. From there, he decided to sell the figure on eBay, which reached a whopping $2,500 in bids once it went live.

According to Adam Truesdale, the original owner of the misprint, he would have donated it to Nintendo if asked, but decided to generate some cash from the misprint, especially considering Samus is a popular character.

However, if approached by Nintendo, I probably would have [donated it]. I was considering hanging on to it to sell at a later date if the value did increase. However, with the high level of interest shown at the time when I posted it, I thought I’d go ahead and sell it now in case the value went down or a whole tub of them was discovered at a later date.

Truesdale started the bidding at $50, just under four times the normal cost of the $13 figure. From there, 19 people on eBay rapidly bid against one naother to raise the price up to $2,500. If you’re going Amiibo shopping, keep an eye out for defects.