Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook discontinued, not getting a replacement


The Samsung Series 550 has become a great step between the affordable Chromebooks and the expensive Pixel. At $450, it offers a great mix of specs and hardware, but you won’t be very lucky if you were thinking about getting the device anytime soon. Samsung has discontinued it.

chromebook-series-5-550Well, this has to mean something new is coming, right? Nope. In an email conversation with Time Tech, Samsung mentions that there will not be a direct replacement to the Samsung Series 5 550 (at least anytime soon). Samsung believes the Samsung Series 3 (ARM) is considered a replacement to the Series 5 550.

This is simply not the case, as the new Samsung Chromebook can not match the Series 5 550 in specs, build quality or hardware. It does cost less at $250, but it is simply not that great of a device. This situation is leaving the Chromebook ecosystem in a very weird spot. There are no Chromebooks that cost between the HP Pavilion Chromebook (almost $400) and the Chromebook Pixel ($1300 at the cheapest).

You can still get the Samsung Series 5 550, but it will come with a premium price from Amazon. Still, you can get it for now.

We suppose the HP Pavilion Chromebook is about as close as you can get to a mid-end Chrome OS device. It’s a good offer for a 14-inch screen Chromebook. How many of you would like to see a Chroembook somewhere between $400 and $1300? What would you like to see on it?