Samsung to release an upgraded Chromebook soon?

The Samsung Chromebook has been the most successful Chrome OS device so far. It only makes sense that Samsung would continue to follow a similar path for upcoming Chromebooks, and it seems the Korean manufacturer might be planning to release a direct successor. Recent Chromium code has been showing a device code-named “Daisy_Spring”. This device should be a followup of the Samsung Chromebook (ARM), which was code-named “Daisy”.


Details other than the code name are inexistent. We have no idea what the specific specs and upgrades could be, but we are hoping for something much more than mere spec improvements (like the Acer C710-2055). After all, the Samsung ARM Chromebook is already among the best Chrome OS devices available – it doesn’t necessarily need many improvements as it is.

The Chromebook Pixel’s recent release came to set a new standard in the Chrome OS market. It is an over-priced laptop most of us would never consider purchasing, but its purpose is to display what a Chromebook could be like. There definitely is room for improvement and we are hoping Samsung will be among the first to realize this.

Of course, some extra ports and more powerful specs would be welcome, but we are hoping for a bigger jump. It would be nice to see Samsung bringing a touchscreen version of it’s popular Chromebook. More apps will start being optimized for Chrome’s touch interface (like 500px), and we definitely don’t want to spend $1,300 to be able to fully take advantage of them.

I would definitely be all over a touchscreen Samsung Chromebook, would you? This is still speculation, though. We should hear more soon, but until then we can all keep hoping. Stay tuned for upcoming details!

[via OMG Chrome]