Samsung Chromebooks now make up 10% of school computers


We know Chromebooks make for 21% of all USA laptop sales, but how well are they doing in the education system? After all, Google does try to focus very much on education. We are live from CES 2014 and Samsung has just given us a little info about their education endeavors. The number is not as big as the laptop sales, but the Korean manufacturer is not doing so bad!

Samsung Chromebooks make up for 10% of all school computers. The company’s Chrome OS laptops are in 4,000 schools and the list is growing by the day. 10% may not seem that impressive, but it actually is a huge accomplishment. We must remember we are not just talking about Chromebooks here, we are talking about Samsung Chromebooks.

If one manufacturer can take over 10% of school computers with Chromebooks, imagine how the general numbers look! The Samsung Chromebook was the first affordable Chrome OS device, so it is no surprise it became so popular. In fact, it was Amazon’s best-selling laptop in 2012.

But tell us, guys – are your kids using Chromebooks at school?