Samsung Chromebook Boot Time [VIDEO]

The Samsung Chromebook can supposedly boot up – from being completely off to completely on and ready to run – within 10-seconds. At the launch event, we put that to the test:

Not below 10-seconds, but that was indeed FAST! We had to take into account entering the password which tacked on a few seconds. You can see that the Verizon 3G or Wi-Fi doesn’t connect properly right when we log in – we joked that the Chromebook booted so fast that the internet connection couldn’t keep up and process in time! In actuality, there is probably some truth to that.

The days of opening up your laptop and walking around the house waiting for it to FINALLY allow you to open something (anything) are coming to an end. Not to mention, closing/opening the Chromebook without completely shutting it off yields in essentially immediate on/off experience.