Samsung Chromebook 2 official page shows up – almost ready for launch?


The Samsung Chromebook 2 is one of the most anticipated Chrome OS laptops this year. It’s to be expected, as it succeeds one of the most popular Chromebooks in existence (the original Samsung Chromebook). We know the device will be releasing in April, and it seems Samsung is getting ready for the imminent launch.

Both versions of the Samsung Chromebook 2 have shown up at Canada’s Samsung website. The official product page comes with all the details you can expect, including a full list of specs and other details. This can only mean Samsung is right on time for the launch, and Canada will be one of the first to see it go on sale.

We are looking forward to see what the Samsung Chromebook 2 is all about, and test it to its limits. We are a bit worried, as the first benchmarks didn’t look very promising. In fact they were quite disappointing.

Samsung Chromebook 2 specs


As you can see, the specs look nothing below awesome in paper. Many times benchmarks and performance don’t go parallel, though. What matters is day to day usage, and we are hoping the Samsung Chromebook 2 can pull through.

Price and release date

The new product pages don’t say much about this, but price is expected to be $319.99 for the 11.6 inch version and $399.99 for the bigger 13.3 inch laptop.

With all of this out of the way, we just have to wait a bit more and hope there are no delays with this laptops’ launch. Who is trying to get one of these?


Thanks, Maria!