Hyrule Warriors Ruto Trailer showcases the power of water

After last week’s reveal of several favorite Ocarina if Time characters for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, Koei Tecmo has wasted no time in releasing trailers for those characters, showcasing their special abilities. This time we get to see Ruto in action; unlike most characters revealed so far she relies wholly on powerful water magics to attack her foes. Flanked by two Goron warriors, she creates whirlpools, vortexes and watery projectiles to attack.

The Japanese will be getting their hands on Hyrule Warriors in August, but those of us in the in the English speaking world are going to have to wait until September 26 before we can get a chance to play the game. While you wait though, feel free to check out the recently revealed contents of the Special Edition sets of the game. Not that you’ll ever get to buy one outside of Japan, but it’s still fun to look at right?