Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball announced for Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo announced a new game today in their Nintendo Direct  called Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. It’s not related to any of their old IPs but it’s clear if this is the new franchise Miyamoto was talking about being in development last year.

The game takes place at a sporting goods store owned by a former fictional pro baseball player Rusty Slugger. At the shop the player can purchase a variety of mini games each based on a different element of baseball. The game is supposedly being developed around the idea of “good feelings,” according to Iwata. Each mini game is supposed to evoke the good feelings of pitching, catching, hitting, etc.

The real interesting thing about this game is that while you purchase the games Rusty’s store in game, and you buy them with real money, you can haggle with Rusty in game in order to have the real money price of the game lowered. They all start a $4, but apparently you can have the prices lowered “significantly.” This certainly looks to be a unique pricing model Nintendo is trying out.

What do you all think of this? Does this game sound interesting to you? How about the idea of negotiating for the prices of what amounts to DLC?