Rumor: Star Fox Zero in development hell due to motion controls


When Nintendo unveiled Star Fox Zero during last year’s E3 presentation, the general consensus seemed to be that the game seemed half-baked. The motion controls for the demo were wonky and somewhat hard to control, so it was no surprise when Shigeru Miyamoto announced Star Fox Zero would be delayed until 2016. Now according to rumors, the game has been stuck in development hell due to the motion controls.

I also heard that Star Fox Zero is in the final stretches, which makes sense since it’s coming out in April. But it’s not all cat treats and scratching posts for the game. The foxing minds at Nintendo and PlatinumGames doubled down on motion controls.

Another NeoGAF member and noted leaker who has has some credibility to his name, ShockingAlberto weighed in on the comments from the source, stating that development hell is being kind to the game.

From what I have heard, development hell would be characterizing it charitably.

More like “Everyone is panicking as the game gets sent to certification because certain fundamental control aspects simply don’t work.”

Obviously, everything here is a rumor because it’s unconfirmed, but it does make sense as to why the game would be delayed several times. Nintendo is probably sensitive to people complaining about motion controls in games after the likes of Skyward Sword, so getting the first console Star Fox game right since the GameCube days is imperative for Nintendo.