Rumor: Meta Knight amiibo will return to Best Buy on May 29


The Meta Knight amiibo released on February 20 as a Best Buy exclusive and since then, he’s been once of the hardest amiibo for anyone to get their hands on. With the upcoming reprint for Marth confirmed by Target stock last week, there are rumors that Meta Knight will be getting a reprint and will be available in Best Buy stores on May 29. Coincidentally, that’s also the launch date for Splatoon.

According to two separate Best Buy employees located in two different stores, shipments of Meta Knight are due to be received by Best Buy locations across the country on May 20. The stock won’t be put out for sale until May 29, unless somewhere a store leaks their stock early, which has been known to happen. If you’re seeking Meta Knight, this may be your chance to get the elusive figure so keep an eye on Best Buy store shelves in your area around May 29.