Roku releases new Streaming Stick to take on the Chromecast


The Chromecast may still be in its early stages in terms of content, but it’s already very hard for competitors to beat it. Google’s HDMI dongle does offer some of the most popular streaming services and apps, though. And all for $35! Can competitors really fight against that?

Roku aims to do so with the release of their new HDMI dongle – the Roku Streaming Stick. This new version is priced at only $49.99, which is half the price compared to the original Roku Streaming Stick. This is still a bit more expensive than the Chromecast, but some users may prefer Roku’s option if the price is close enough.

Which one is better – Chromecast or Roku Streaming Stick?

Roku has a lot of support from streaming services and offers great functionality, with much longer availability in the market. Chromecast is also getting there, though. In its short time available, the Chromecast already has support for a plethora of great apps. Not to mention, the Google Cast SDK is now out and any developer can put Chromecast support in any app.



The Roku Streaming Stick looks and works very much like the Chromecast. It uses HDMI to connect to your TV, while taking energy from the TV’s USB port. The main difference is that Roku doesn’t need a smartphone, tablet or computer to work.

Customers will get a Roku remote with the dongle, which will be the device’s main controller. The remote is your typical Roku one. It comes with a simple set of buttons and service shortcuts, including shortcuts for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, M-Go and Blockbuster.

Which one do you prefer?

I will stick with Chromecast. Thought Roku has a much more stable present, I believe Chromecast has a brighter future (see our hands-on for more on the Chromecast). Chromecast support continues to grow quickly and you can’t beat that $35 price point. Needing a separate device to operate can be a bit annoying, but it also opens many doors.

I know Roku has a strong fan base, though. Many of you might enjoy the nature of a more pure streaming/media device, which Roku does offer. Not to mention, they have a great selection of apps and content. Those of you interested can now purchase it from and other retailers.

Which one are you “sticking” with?!