Rocket League devs were determined to make it work on Switch after MK8

Rocket League for Switch was finally confirmed at E3 this year, bringing the fast-paced action best described as “Hot Wheels Soccer” to the portable this holiday season. The public outcry earlier this year begging Psyonix to bring the co-op game to the Switch didn’t fall on deaf ears, either.

Psyonix Vice President Jeremy Dunham and Producer Bobby Garza sat down with IGN to discuss the future of the game on Switch, revealing some interesting tidbits along the way. Namely, Nintendo gamers have been wondering whether the devs plan on bringing over all the features that are available on the PS4/Xbox One/PC release of the game. The short answer is yes. The Switch version will feature Season mode, Hoops, Drop Shot, Rumble, and Snowday, plus any new game modes they develop in the future.

We also got a few details about the multiplayer mode of the game, with the developers revealing the game will have support for local multiplayer with up to eight Switch units. Apparently, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was a big inspiration for them to make sure this feature works.

We weren’t entirely sure it was going to be possible for a lot of technical reasons, but I thought we should absolutely try it after playing through the Mario Kart.

The devs are aiming to make sure the game runs at 60fps both docked and undocked and while four players can play splitscreen on one console, the devs have been hesitant to say that mode will achieve 60fps. Instead, they said their aiming for 60fps in splitscreen, but will have more details closer to launch.

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