10 Best Things to Do in Rhode Island

Welcome to the Ocean State, the smallest state in the U.S. with a personality far larger than its size might suggest. Rhode Island may be petite, but it bursts with grand maritime history, prestigious educational institutions, rich colonial heritage, and an unforgettable gastronomic scene. This is a place where the old world charm entwines with the vibrant hum of modern life, inviting you to partake in a unique blend of experiences that you’ll find nowhere else.

  1. The Breakers: Start your journey with a tour of this Vanderbilt mansion, a shining beacon of opulence and luxury from America’s Gilded Age.
  2. Cliff Walk: Soak in the stunning coastal vistas and Gilded Age mansions from this scenic 3.5-mile trail in Newport.
  3. The RISD Museum: Art enthusiasts will relish the diverse collections at this museum, part of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design.
  4. Providence WaterFire: Witness this multi-sensory spectacle that transforms the heart of Providence into a fantastical fusion of fire, music, and performance art.
  5. Block Island: Set sail to this tranquil island for unspoiled beaches, beautiful lighthouses, and nature trails.
  6. Benefit Street’s “Mile of History”: Stroll through the historic heart of Providence and marvel at the finest concentration of 18th and 19th-century architecture.
  7. The White Horse Tavern: Enjoy a meal at America’s oldest tavern, steeped in history and serving farm-to-table cuisine in Newport.
  8. Roger Williams Park Zoo: Perfect for families, this zoo offers immersive experiences with more than 160 rare and fascinating species.
  9. Narragansett Beaches: Relax on these beautiful sandy shores, or ride the waves in what’s often considered the surfing capital of New England.
  10. Rhode Island School of Design’s Nature Lab: Unleash your creativity at this one-of-a-kind resource center, where art, design, and science intersect with nature.

As we wrap up this nautical narrative, allow the rhythm of Rhode Island’s waves to call to your adventurous spirit. Picture yourself exploring opulent mansions, savoring exquisite seafood, or immersing in the state’s historic charms. It’s time to embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Ocean State, where every corner reveals a fresh story and every tide ushers in a new discovery. Let the Rhode Island adventure begin!