Retro City Rampage 3DS sales pass Xbox 360 sales in one month

retro city rampage

Retro City Rampage, the retro GTA parody game, released on Xbox Live Arcade on January 2nd of last year and released on the 3DS on February 6th of this year. Despite over a year long head start, and only initially being released in North America, the 3DS version has already outsold the XBLA version according to a Tweet from the developer a few days ago.

Although it’s had outstanding 3DS sales, the game probably isn’t going to be getting a Wii U port any time soon according to the developer. It’s still possible though to get the game as WiiWare and play it via the Wii U’s Wii mode if you’re more interested in playing it on the Wii U than the 3DS.

I’m not at all surprised by this honestly. Nintendo systems are always the best to play retro styled games on and Nintendo gamers have always had an appreciation for the classics. Have any of you gotten the 3DS version of the game? How does it play? Does it hold up to the console versions?