65 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Self-Betterment Day

There is never a bad time to make a resolution, but January 2nd – dubbed “Self-Betterment Day” – is the most popular. It gives you a full day of recovery (on January 1st) from New Year’s Eve shenanigans so that you can approach your yearly plan with a clear and healthy mind.

The most common New Year’s resolutions are to exercise more, eat healthy, be less of a jerk, and do better at life. If that sounds like you, your first resolution should be to make better resolutions!

If you make resolutions that are realistic, measurable, goal-oriented, and achievable, you’ll have better luck. It’s not about shooting for the moon and landing among the stars, it’s about building upon consistent success in a sustainable way so that you’re not starting from scratch again next year.

2021 is a big year for the World: why not make it a big year for you, too?

We scoured the internet for the best New Year Resolutions, gathered them into themes, and listed them below for your brainstorming pleasure.

#1 Read a Book

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to read a book (just one book) throughout the year. Yet many never make it. If that sounds like you, fear not: you’ve got company.

This is the year! In fact, why not read a book about another topic on your resolution list and catch two birds with one net?

#2+ New Year Resolution Ideas

We’ll bite our tongue in terms of providing any more “tips”- who are we to talk? Use this list of the best and most common

  1. Read a book
  2. Write a book
  3. Lose weight
  4. Eat healthfully
  5. Exercise more
  6. Spend more time outdoors in nature
  7. Travel more
  8. Learn a language
  9. New Hobby
  10. Learn a new strategy game
  11. Do a 30 Day Challenge
  12. Meditate
  13. Do Yoga
  14. Increase Flexibility
  15. Start a Business
  16. Save money and Start Budgeting
  17. Learn Personal Finance
  18. Religious Devotion
  19. Learn about other/all religions
  20. Community Service
  21. Overcome fears
  22. Show Appreciation
  23. Reduce toxic products/waste
  24. Avoid toxic people/waste
  25. Understand your Carbon Footprint
  26. Start Meal planning
  27. Organize Everything
  28. Declutter
  29. Improve Concentration & Mental Skills
  30. Improve Sleep Habits
  31. Watch less TV
  32. Use your phone less
  33. Live with purpose and meaning
  34. Find Significant Other
  35. Improve Sex Life & Intimacy
  36. Dress with Style & Fashion
  37. Quit Drinking (or drink in moderation)
  38. Volunteer
  39. Give to charity
  40. Let go of the past
  41. Adopt a pet
  42. Learn to cook
  43. Go to the doctor/dentist
  44. Stop being late all the time
  45. Remember important names & dates
  46. DIY Projects
  47. Art Projects
  48. Express Creativity
  49. Take the stairs
  50. Grow plants
  51. Lower stress
  52. Drink more water
  53. Listen to audiobooks
  54. Lift weights
  55. Assign yourself daily/weekly/monthly chores
  56. Invest in workout gear / wardrobe
  57. Play music more often
  58. Make your bed every morning
  59. Stay up to date with Current Events & News
  60. Learn an instrument
  61. Learn to code
  62. Stop procrastinating
  63. Stop using bad language
  64. Learn how to dance
  65. Take an online class or course