Report: Switch production increased to 2 million per month

According to Chinese tech site DigiTimes, which has been accurate in the past on these matters, Nintendo has increased Switch production to a massive 2 million consoles per month.

They also report that vendors are on track to ship 20 million Switch consoles for 2017.

DigiTimes says that the current production is slowed down due to tight supplies of key components such as DRAM.

Nintendo’s official Switch numbers for 2017 are still at 10 million, although we’ve been hearing for months from manufacturers that they will make way more than that, up to 20 million.

The DigiTimes report pretty much confirms that: Nintendo is making as many units as they can and will end up shipping way more than 10 million this year.

The demand for the Switch has been incredible so far — the console has been sold out ever since it launched in March, and demand will no doubt increase even more when Super Mario Odyssey is released later this month.