How to get your HP Chromebook 11 charger replaced


HP and Google finally placed a recall on the HP Chromebook 11 charger. And why wouldn’t they? Some of those chargers were melting and slightly hurting people, as well as damaging private property. It was no joke, and you might want to get yours replaced as soon as possible!

Is my HP Chromebook 11 charger affected?

Anyone who purchased an HP Chromebook 11 before December 1, 2013 is entitled to a charger replacement. You should stop using the stock charger at once and request a new one.

How do I get a new charger?


You can go ahead and fill out the official form for getting your HP Chromebook 11 charger replaced. Reports of chargers already being shipped have already spread across the web, with some people getting 2-day shipping!

In addition, HP Chromebook 11 users will get a notification on their laptop next time they plug in a charger to it. This will help users determine if they qualify for a replacement and will help them go through the steps required to request one.

You should be getting your replacement soon, so go ahead and get everything set up! You will be charged for nothing, of course, and we are sure slow-charging your laptop is quite a pain in the rear.