Register for Google IO on April 8-10, here are the details


Google has just published the Google IO 2014 website and the day to sign up is getting closer and closer. In fact, they have also announced when people will be able to sign up. Things are a bit different this year, so let’s go over the main details.

When is Google IO registration open?

Prospects looking to attend will be able to sign up from April 8th to April 10th, giving you 3 days to sign up.

How will the registration work?

As mentioned above and in our Google IO 2014 announcement post, the registration process will be completely different this year. There will be no rushes or deadly battles to try and get a ticket before thousands of others. The site will (likely) not crash and become unusable.

This year Google will select attendees at random. It doesn’t matter if you apply the minute registration goes up or the last day, you have the same chances of attending.

How much does it cost to attend Google IO?

Remember, this event is mostly meant to be for the developer community. You need to be a developer or affiliated to a company that focuses on developing. This means the event is not cheap.

Attendees will have to pay $900 for a ticket. Academic Admission tickets are much cheaper at $300, though.

When and where will Google IO take place?

Google IO is set to take place in the San Francisco Moscone West Convention Center. Dates are scheduled for June 25-26.

Who is going?

We will more than likely have someone in our team going (we will definitely register). How many of you are planning to attend Google IO? This convention is where Google shows all the latest and greatest tech from the company. It’s also where developers learn all the details about developing for such tech.

We are sure there will be more than enough Chrome news to share, so be certain that we will be covering the event no matter what.

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