Real-time search: the next Big Internet Thing?

Real-time search is being hailed as the next internet fad that´ll turn tiny start ups into million dollar corporations overnight. But is there real money in real-time?Investors are apparently falling over themselves to be at the forefront of the real-time boom. Real-time search basically means you can search through public profile updates and news feeds, rather than have to wait for big search engines like Google to index the info.

So, where´s the money? Well, Twitter has shown us the way. Whatever product or service is being discussed in a Tweet, or on Facebook´s public profiles, can be targetted by ads and offers. Pretty nifty, huh?

Dozens of companies are working on real-time projects, trying to get a piece of the pie. It´s a whole new body of data from sources outside the search engines and more static sites that have dominated the Web up ´til now. That’s why real-time Web presents a big challenge to the current Internet leaders–especially to market leader Google.

Google relies on backlinks to provide its algorythms with the info to classify web links. This can take from weeks up to months. But with “real-time” Google won´t have the time to do that and it´ll need a whole new set of algorythms to deal with the new info. Google has already announced it will be launching its own much faster, new version of Google to deal with real-time.