Deal: Rayman Legends with Wii remote $39.99 at Groupon


Still haven’t managed to pick up Rayman Legends yet? What’s wrong with you! It’s one of the greatest games released for the Wii U last year and now Groupon has a spectacular deal for Wii U owners. You can snag a copy of the game along with a Wii remote with Motion Plus technology for only $39.99. Considering that’s the price of the Wii remote if you bought it stand alone in a store, you’re basically getting the game for free.

You can’t choose the color of your Wii remote and the color the images show is white, so if you don’t mind having mismatched electronics if you have a black Wii U, this is the perfect deal. Free shipping is available on the deal as well, with a little over a day left to claim this if you want to jump on it. If you’re not sure if you’d like the game, be sure and check out our Rayman Legends review, which received high scores last year.

Let us know if you decide to take advantage of the deal!