Rainway confirms talks with Nintendo about PC/Switch streaming

The developers of Rainway made huge waves in the Nintendo community last month when they announced they’re targeting the Nintendo Switch with their software. If you’re unfamiliar with the software, Rainway claims that it will allow you to stream your PC games to a web browser that can be run on any device.

While the site’s description of how the service works doesn’t explicitly mention the Nintendo Switch, Rainway’s creators have confirmed on reddit and other social media that they’re targeting the Nintendo Switch as a potential release device. This led many to believe that Nintendo would never allow something like this on the system. That still remains to be seen, but the folks at Rainway tweeted this update early this morning.

It seems as though the team has been in communication with Nintendo about the possibility of this running on the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully they’ll share the news soon, as this could go a long way in making the Nintendo Switch a very viable handheld for a lot of people, especially if network performance is good.

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