Rainway eShop app will let you stream PC games to Switch

An upcoming eShop application called “RAINWAY” will supposedly let you stream your PC games to your Nintendo Switch. Wait, what?!

Yeah, according to developer Borderless Gaming’s comments on Reddit, the app will be available from the Nintendo Switch’s eShop. When the app will be released is anyone’s guess.

The Rainway website states that your games will be available at 60 FPS. All you’ll need on your PC is a GPU that supports DirectX 11. As for setup, the website says Rainway will take care of any necessary configuration, making the process “pain-free.”

We’re still trying to process the fact that this will be coming to the eShop. If this is true, then not only will this be a surprising development, but this might be the first application we see on the Switch.

But, if this turns out to be true, can you imagine playing The Witcher 3 on your Switch? I don’t think we’re ready for that.

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