Broken Rules unveils Secrets of Raetikon, will be multi-platform


We’ve known since last year that Broken Rules planned on developing another game in the Chasing Aurora universe, this time with a story-based aspect. Now with Chasing Aurora fully released, the team has finally released a few screenshots and a trailer for their new game, called Secrets of Raetikon.

According to the developers, the gameplay is spread across three chapters, exploring the alpine mountains and environments and uncovering the remains of an ancient civilization. Broken Rules have stated that the game will have a fully interactive world with the player able to explore at their own pace and interact with various form sof wildlife featured in the game. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of this new release.

While the game isn’t officially confirmed for the Wii U, it is using the same engine as Chasing Aurora which was developed exclusively for the Wii U.