QuickOffice comes to Chrome OS, brings Microsoft Office editing capabilities


Google purchased QuickOffice last year, but didn’t do much with it. Or at least that is what it seemed like until today. Google has brought QuickOffice to Chrome OS, giving users the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents natively and offline.

Before you go running to try and find QuickOffice on your Chromebook, you should know that this is only available if you are using the Dev channel. If you are, you can activate QuickOffice by going to chrome://flags/ and enable QuickOffice editing.


It is only available for Dev channel users, so you can expect it to be a little problematic. Only Word and Excel files are accepted right now, and you will occasionally run into some issues. Images are said to be unsupported, for example.

If you do run into some issues you can report them to Google. We will keep an eye on QuickOffice for Chrome OS. I rarely use Microsoft Office files. Let us know if you guys like it! Do you have any alternative ways to edit Microsoft Office files with a Chromebook?

[François Beaufort]